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Download MRQuantif to quantify liver iron and fat by MRI

MRQuantif (previously IronByMR) is a Java application running on all PC, Mac, Linux ...

  • Download the zip below that contains the software,
  • Create a "MRquantif" directory (or the name you want) at the desired location,
  • Unzip the contents of the zip file into this new directory,
  • Then launch MRQuantif by a double-click on the jar file: or the bat file (windows only): .

Content Download it
A zip file containing MRQuantif.jar, MRQuantif.bat, Updater.jar and Updater.bat. There is also a sample. A DICOM store provider is integrated.
version Feb 22, 2018 (9 Mo)


If you have an earlier version of Java you will get an error message when launching the software.

If nothing happens, that means that Java is not installed on your computer.

What if you do not have Java 8 installed ?

  • If you have the right to install software on your computer, go to the Oracle site to download and install Java 8 (or also called 1.8).
  • Otherwise, on Windows PC, download here a zip containing a JRE 1.8. Unzip it in the MRQuantif folder. Then you have a 'jre' folder adjacent to the MRQuantif.bat file. Launch it by a double-click on this file: .

Important ! To simplify the DICOM import process have a look on the PACS integration page ...

If you encounter a difficulty unsolved by the above explanations contact-me (