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OxyMonitor to record and analyze the effort TCPO2

OxyMonitor is a Java software running on PC, Mac, Linux ...

If you already have Java version 8 (or 1.8) installed:

  • Download the code below that contains the software,
  • Create an "OxyMonitor" directory (or the desired name) in the desired location,
  • Uncompress the contents of the zip file in this directory,
  • ] And double-click on "OxyMonitor.jar"

You can install OxyMonitor on a USB stick that will contain your data.

In case of update, be sure not to overwrite your 'my_data' and 'my_data' directories my_config '.

A zip file containing OxyMonitor.jar and Updater.jar
7 MB

If you have an older version of Java, you will get an error message when

If nothing happens, it means that Java is not installed on your computer.

What if Java 8 is not installed?

  • If you have rights to i nstaller on your computer go to Oracle site to download and install Java 8 (or else called 1.8).
  • Otherwise, on Windows PC download here and unzip it into the directory that contains the OxyMonitor software. You must have added a jre directory that contains a java executable 8. Run OxyMonitor.bat.