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About MRQuantif Software

Author: Pr Yves Gandon

MRQuantIFis a software written in Java8© from Oracle running on PC, Mac or Linux.

additionally uses libraries:

MRQuantif provides scientifically validated quantification of iron and hepatic fat from gradient echo sequences.

MRQuantif is software designed to assist physicians in their clinical practice. The use of MRQuantif can in no way replace a diagnosis made by a competent doctor or constitute a medical opinion or a diagnosis that can only be obtained from a doctor. The doctor bears full responsibility in establishing the diagnosis. Calculated parameters can not be used without medical advice from an authorized doctor with adequate knowledge.

MRQuantif does not guarantee the quality, accuracy or legality of the images acquired by IRM and the based on which the software calculates the results. The user must, therefore, use caution when using the software.

To date, MRQuantif is not CE marked or FDA approved. It is therefore not usable for diagnostic purposes.

MRQuantif is compatible with the DICOM standard, format for the exchange of medical images. DICOM is a standard format used for the encoding and transmission of medical images. MRQuantif is thus interoperable with any DICOM MRI, or PACS systems that comply with this standard. Compatibility must be validated during software installation and any changes to the PACS server or your magnetic resonance imaging equipment.

If you are connected to the Internet, you can download and install new versions automatically. . Otherwise, you will need to download an update file on the download page.

The Internet connection also allows you to automatically send your anonymous data to your online space on the website. The anonymization of the data respects the international rules, and integrates the date change of the examination.

By default, the internet access is selected but you can go in the section 'Configuration' to change the preferences.

] All personal information such as e-mails will be kept confidential and used only to assist you.

MRQuantif is provided "as is" without any express or implied warranty. Under no circumstances can the author be held liable for damages resulting from the use of this software

You can access this information via the "About" tab within the software.

Developed with the support of the Brittany Region