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Download MRQuantif to quantify liver iron and fat by MRI

MRQuantif (previously IronByMR) is a Java application running on all PC, Mac, Linux ...

  • Download the zip below that contains the software in a "MRQuantif" folder,
  • Unzip-it at the desired location, probably in the C: disk root,
  • Then launch MRQuantif by a double-click on the jar file: or the bat file (windows only): .
  • If nothing happens or you get an error message either you do not have Java 8, then follow the instructions below, or it's a software error, then trace the error by launching the software with "MRQuantifShowTrace.bat".

Integration into the Telemis PACS is automated. For other PACS go to PACS integration web page.

In order to set up quality assurance compatible with medical use, you must now be registered with a valid email.
You will be able to be alerted personally in the event of a security note and distribute this information to all the other users of your structure.
Your details will not be used for any other purpose. It will not be disclosed to a third party. Your password is encrypted in the database in a non-reversible way.
You can erase your data and cancel your license by clicking here.

To access the download you must be registered with a valid e-mail. Click on "Log on" and select "Register". (This is new, so tell me if you encounter a difficulty...)
Your custom license file is included in every download (full version or update).
The new version is available. If you rarely use this software you can also instead test the on-line version but it is not yet fully validated for all browsers. Preferably use chrome or otherwise IE edge. Check that it works with your data. Please note, the processing time is longer (30 s) than with the usual java version or the intranet version (available soon).
Full version (2024.05.17) Update (2024.05.17)
  (17.2 Mo)
This zip contains a MRQuantif directory that you should preferably place at the root of your main disk (C:\).
At first launch the configuration will be created. Authorize, if you have the required privileges, the software access the internet to facilitate the updates.
The configuration page allows you, at any time, to configure the two functions separately: the update and the anonymized export of the results.

If you have activated the internet option with search for updates it is easier for you, the update will be automatically proposed in the software.

Otherwise, to manually update an earlier version download this file. If necessary, rename it "MRQuantif_Update" if extensions are hidden or either "MRQuantif_Update.zip" and put it in the MRQuantif folder. At the next launching the MRQuantif software will detect this file and offer to start the update process.

If that does not work properly, copy the files and directories contained in the file "MRQuantif_Update.zip" in the MRQuantif directory and accept all the replacements.

If you are having difficulty updating, you can re-install the software completely, but before you can save separately the "my_data" directory to keep track of your previous results. Also keep the "jre" directory if you downloaded it. You can then copy them into the new installation.

After all, in case of a blocked situation contact me by mail.

Your license is integrated in the software loading or an update. Click here to independently download your license. Then put it in the MRQuantif main folder or in the "my_config" directory. If necessary, change the file name to "license.bin".
Updated on May 17th, 2024

Versions history

Version on USB key (Windows)

You can install MRQuantif on a USB key and use it without writing anything on the computer you are using.
Install the software on the key and add, in the directory "MRQuantif", the folder "jre" downloadable in a zip below.
Launch the software, if necessary by a double-click on "MRQuantifWithLocalJRE.bat" which will force the launch of the software with Java8 present in the "jre" directory.


It is very difficult to avoid the occurrence of an error in a new major version because MRQuantif uses local data that can be very variable. The new versions that follow in the process corrects the errors to obtain, as quickly as possible, a stable version.
If the software appears very small is that you have a high-density screen of pixels. Just right click on the java you are launching and go to properties / compatibility to define that the PPP scaling must be done by the application.
If you have an earlier version of Java, you will get an error message when launching the software.
Launch the software by "MRQuantifShowTrace.bat" to trace the errors.
If nothing happens, it means that Java is not installed on your computer.

What if Java 8 is not installed?

  • If you have the rights to install it on your computer go to the site of Oracle to download and install Java 8 (or 1.8).
  • Otherwise, on Windows PC download here and unzip it into the directory that contains the MRQuantif software. Doing this you have added a "jre" directory that contains a java executable 8. Run MRQuantif.bat or MRQuantifWithLocalJRE.bat.

Important ! To simplify the process of importing DICOM images please go to PACS integration.

If you encounter a difficulty unsolved by the above explanations contact-me (yves.gandon@univ-rennes1.fr).