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MRQuantif to quantify liver iron and fat by MRI

MRQuantif is a freely downloadable Java application running on all PC, Mac or Linux. It is the final evolution of the IronByMR software which was an ImageJ (NIH Bethesda USA) plugIn. It allows the joint quantification of iron and hepatic fat using different methods from various protocols but preferably a multiecho GRE sequence.

  • loads DICOM images, controls the MRI parameters,
  • allows the placement of ROIs,
  • traces the signal decrease of the target organs,
  • provides the different concentrations obtained from several methods
  • and generates a preliminary report taking into account the most appropriate values.

Screen shots:

  DICOM viewer allowing ROI placement

MRQuantIF ROI placement

  Graph showing the signal decrease

MRQuantIF curve

  Automatic preliminary report

MRQuantIF report